Since its foundation, Focal-JMlab has grown to become one of the main manufacturers of high fidelity, integration and multimedia systems. Headquartered in Saint-Etienne, France, it is now internationally recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacturing of loudspeakers for the home, speaker drivers for the car, monitor speakers for recording studio and headphones.

Illusion Audio

To develop this new Illusion Audio speaker line we combined our decades of experience manufacturing high-end audiophile speakers with our passion for maximum performance mobile audio. The development process covered several years and literally months of listening to each individual model to fine tune musical quality and durability. We applied the highest available technologies in construction materials, Finite Element Analysis engineering and manufacturing to develop speakers that are compact and lightweight for easy installation without making any performance compromises. Our artistic design team has paid careful attention to aesthetics, as we feel they are beautiful speakers too!

Ground Zero

Just after a few years, our German brand with American roots is already internationally renowned. In America, Ground Zero has been the leading manufacturer for subwoofers with large surrounds. Today the company with its worldwide distribution in more than 65 countries offers a complete range of over 400 car hifi products, all developed in Germany.

The Ground Zero brand, which is trademarked world-wide, is one of the world’s most respected names in car hifi. The best evidence is provided by comparison-tests in independent trade magazines in which the Ground Zero products have consistently placed by the winner’s circle with best ratings for price / performance, features and quality.

Hybrid Audio

Welcome to the world of Hybrid Audio Technologies, where state of the art high end mobile audio loudspeaker technology is our passion. Hybrid Audio speakers are the best automotive speakers money can buy and continually push the limits of automotive sound-stage reproduction. Every Hybrid Audio product has been designed and built for true to the source clarity, definition and realism.

JL Audio

JL Audio delivers some of the finest sound you'll hear — in the car, or out on the water. Led by their CEO, founder, and head designer Lucio Proni, JL Audio is dedicated to intensive research and development. Their patented, award-winning designs have helped them become an industry leader in bringing high-quality sound to the mobile audio market.


In 1973, KICKER's Livin' Loud legacy began as a two-man operation, hand-building professional-speaker systems in a narrow one-car garage. With very few resources and an intense love for music, company founder and current president Steve Irby invented the mobile-stereo enclosure market from his Stillwater, Oklahoma community, when he developed the Original KICKER. It was the first full frequency-range speaker box designed specifically for cars and trucks. From that historic moment, delivering concert-like audio quality across a wide volume range with renowned bass and accurate sound has always been the KICKER way.


Back in the 90’s, the electrical engineering student, Juliano Anflor, decided to develop a car audio amplifier as a college project. What started as a hobby, turned into a passion, and some years later into the business of his life.

Always innovating and searching for new technologies, Soundigital has earned its share of the Market in a small period of time and has become the apple of the eyes of well-known and demanding professionals of this segment. The brand’s products can be found in over 40 countries around the globe nowadays.


The brand Mosconi originated as a diversification for MOS company in the SBU car-audio market. Its history is still very short: at the end of 2008, Ivan Mosconi, driven by love for electronics and sound, brings together a team of designers and engineers with decades of experience in the professional audio sector and after a few months, in the summer of 2009, the first line of amplifiers branded Mosconi is already on the market: the AS series.


Since 2006 MOS has been production, assembly, engineering and industrialization of products and electronic devices.


MOS has a very simple philosophy: putting all its talent and experience in providing products and services that can help improve the everyday life of society, through a high aesthetic expression.


Every day, the members of the MOS staff continue to strive towards this goal. We are dedicated to the constant pursuit of refining and improving our technologies so as to offer more efficient and intelligent products but without any compromise to our greatest strength: our unique and remarkable designs.


Morel Hifi

Leading manufacturer of handcrafted award-winning speakers and raw drivers for the mid to high-end OEM, home and car audio markets, Morel celebrates 45 years of in-house engineering, manufacturing, and innovation. Morel is the choice of many of the biggest names in the music industry.


Almost four decades ago, in 1975, Mr. Meir Mordechai founded Morel, inspired by his love of music and motivated by a dream – to create a loudspeaker that would capture the magic in music in the most natural way. His life-long quest resulted in successive generations of speakers and audio drivers that consistently set new standards for superb sound quality. The Morel brand (derived from Mordechai Electro-acoustics) has become an annual recipient of “Best of” awards for home and mobile sound reproduction.


Producing loudspeakers that deliver that magical feeling requires more than just advanced technology or the latest industrial tools. To reach the zenith of the listening experience, the human touch is an absolute necessity.


Each Morel product is assembled by hand and extensively tested – undergoing seven different quality tests – to ensure that it meets the highest standards. The personal knowledge and proprietary know-how, gained by Morel’s dedicated team over three decades of experimenting with sound, permeate all its products.

ARC Audio

Since ARC Audio’s inception in 1998, ARC Audio has created one of the world's largest networks of dedicated professionals, each showing their commitment in sharing the vision of creating one of the largest family-oriented networks in the mobile electronics industry.


With the true passion for music and hands-on industry involvement since the early 80's our staff has given a no-nonsense no compromise focus toward the worldwide effort and direction of ARC Audio, its products, and ARC Audio's worldwide network. "At ARC Audio our #1 focus is customer service. We strive to create relationships with our dealers and customer, delivering superior customer satisfaction by producing the highest quality audio components on the market today."



KENWOOD eXcelon mobile audio components represent our most advanced series of products.  Engineered to transcend the many nuances of the automobile listening environment, eXcelon delivers the kind of uncompromising sonic fidelity that audiophiles demand. Reference Series represent the Flagship eXcelon products.


BRAX Audio

Music is emotion in acoustic waves. It touches poeple like no other medium. The BRAX brand was born with the idea to reproduce this audio experience as accurate and realistic as possible. Nothing shall stand in the way of pure musical enjoyment. Not even the automobile interior with its less than ideal acoustic conditions. Based on this vision, Audiotec Fischer creates legendary high-end hi-fi components for automotive applications since 1990. There is only one goal: absolutely uncompromising sound.


If high-end audio reproduction in cars is the question, Brax will be the answer


In its diversity, music directly touches the heart of the listener. You can almost hear and feel the passion when the sound is reproduced as the performer intended.

For this reason, Audiotec Fischer develops the HELIX audio products with the same dedication and precision as their reference devices from BRAX. As with the quality of a musical instrument, high-quality audio components have a significant influence on the naturalness of the timbre. We believe in having found the perfect DNA of sound in HELIX, resulting in a realistic and powerful sound inside your car.


Sound quality at the highest level by music lovers for music lovers. More high-end sound inside a vehicle is hardly possible.

Blackhole Sound Dampening

The new standard in mobile dampening materials and tapes.



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